I got a s item oo:

I was playing luckybot and got the fall hair oo: its so pretty :DD


I had a shirt that could go really well with it but i sold the shirt at mymall :c sooooo this is my outfit now xD


Btw I read a lot of anime posts and I like anime, should I post more about anime hear (if I can) or just fantage? cx I could post about anime on my other blog to but idk what you guys want to see xD

Unicorn adventure

Hi guys c: Soooooo because we didn’t do a post about the unicorn adventure event before then I’m posting about it now xD

This is the info :DD btw I’m sorry its so big, the computer I use makes things randomly bigger sometimes………



New lims:

Picture133 Picture134 Picture135 Picture136 Picture144 Picture145

I like the last one loool xDD that board is pretty to tho o: btw Kevin can you post the boy lims again? I can’t make a boy account rn, its too long :c


This is what the hatching unicorns looks like cx you can’t see it but you can also use gems to hatch the egg xD if your patent enough or have a lot of time too stay on fantage then you also get clothes c:

If your rich and have more then 2500 ecoins you can buy Rosie to c: I bough her cause ily Rosie <33 (ermmm I mean Rosanna js, the pony is nice tho)


So now I’m waiting to get Rosie <33 and I gtg now so this is the end of my post :c

i’m almost an apprentice!

hi, lol! i haven’t been posting a lot, because there’s been a lot of stuff going on in my life now… 😦 BUT I’M ALMOST AN APPRENTICE, BECAUSE OF THE FREE MEMBERSHIP WEEK! I WAS AN APPRENTICE THEN, BUT SOON I’LL BE ONE EVEN WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP! 😀 😀 😀

my idfone!

that’s my idfone, lol! now i just need ten more levels and i’ll be an apprentice! 😀 does anyone have good ideas for how to level up, lol? i just can’t play the seahorse game because i don’t have the costume anymore… 😦