Ermmmmmmmm………. Hai xDD

Ik what your all thinking, none of us quitted fantage tho xD were just really busy irl and stuff…………… Sooooooooo hears my ootd cx


Were all on bearville rainy days a lot btw if your on that or wanna talk too us xDD


Mirabae <33

Hears a picture I took today of me and Mirabaeeeee c; ik what bae means on fantage but were not like that kind of bae…………… xDD


Btw I’m posting this cause she like never comes on fantage sooooo its special too see her <33

Treasure hunters

Hi guys xD sorry I haven’t been liking you’re posts and stuff, I’ve just been really busy irl and can’t get online for long :c but now I can get on and post about the new event cx

Hears the new lims :DD



I don’t like them cause their like clothes this girl I hate wears, sooooo I didn’t buy them xD plus I got no gold too buy them :c

Idk how too play the game btw, if your good at it then tell me how you do it oo:

Also I’m really sorry about the pics zooming in again, I took pics for something else and it didn’t do that :c idk why not tho xD

My ootd c;

Hi guys xD sooooo I got the supermodell hair from the combo thing, I really like it :DD Hears my ootd with it cx


Finally my computer didn’t zoom in for this pic, yay :DD now if I cold get it to stay this size lol xD

I got a s item oo:

I was playing luckybot and got the fall hair oo: its so pretty :DD


I had a shirt that could go really well with it but i sold the shirt at mymall :c sooooo this is my outfit now xD


Btw I read a lot of anime posts and I like anime, should I post more about anime hear (if I can) or just fantage? cx I could post about anime on my other blog to but idk what you guys want to see xD

Unicorn adventure

Hi guys c: Soooooo because we didn’t do a post about the unicorn adventure event before then I’m posting about it now xD

This is the info :DD btw I’m sorry its so big, the computer I use makes things randomly bigger sometimes………



New lims:

Picture133 Picture134 Picture135 Picture136 Picture144 Picture145

I like the last one loool xDD that board is pretty to tho o: btw Kevin can you post the boy lims again? I can’t make a boy account rn, its too long :c


This is what the hatching unicorns looks like cx you can’t see it but you can also use gems to hatch the egg xD if your patent enough or have a lot of time too stay on fantage then you also get clothes c:

If your rich and have more then 2500 ecoins you can buy Rosie to c: I bough her cause ily Rosie <33 (ermmm I mean Rosanna js, the pony is nice tho)


So now I’m waiting to get Rosie <33 and I gtg now so this is the end of my post :c