i’ve been busy!

hi, lol! i know we haven’t been posting a lot… i’m really sorry about that! we’ve just all been really busy, lol… 😦 and everyone quit fantage because of mymall! SO PEOPLE HAVE ALL THESE FARMS JUST SITTING AROUND, NOT BEING CARED FOR! BECAUSE OF STUPID MYMALL! 👿

but i wanted to tell you guys about a new game i got, lol! it’s called line play! everyone on bearville rainy days has it, lol… so i thought i’d try it, too! even though there isn’t anything like the city garden! BUT THERE ARE PLANTS, LOL! AND YOU CAN WATER YOUR OWN PLANTS, AND THEN GO WATER OTHER PEOPLE’S PLANTS! AND YOU EVEN GET GEMS FOR IT! 😀 😀 😀 AND THERE’S A FLOWER GACHA RIGHT NOW, TOO! 😀 AND THAT’S WHY I’M PLAYING LINE PLAY! 😀

if you want to add me, i’m rosannaflowers! BECAUSE IT THOUGHT ROSANNASPRINGTIME WAS A BAD WORD! JUST LIKE FANTAGE! 👿 and danika has line play, too! her username is danika, but with a star at the end! 🙂

i’m not gonna make a line play blog, though… because line play has diaries! so if you want to know what i’m doing on line play, you can just read my diary, lol! 🙂

everyone should get line play, lol! AND THEN WATER EACH OTHER’S PLANTS! 😀


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i'm rosanna! i love bearville, lol! :D thanks to my friend for making my gravatar for me! :)

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