Treasure hunters

Hi guys xD sorry I haven’t been liking you’re posts and stuff, I’ve just been really busy irl and can’t get online for long :c but now I can get on and post about the new event cx

Hears the new lims :DD



I don’t like them cause their like clothes this girl I hate wears, sooooo I didn’t buy them xD plus I got no gold too buy them :c

Idk how too play the game btw, if your good at it then tell me how you do it oo:

Also I’m really sorry about the pics zooming in again, I took pics for something else and it didn’t do that :c idk why not tho xD


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Hi, I'm Danika xD I had too change what blog I link too cause people were following my personal blog and not Flowers on fantage :c

3 thoughts on “Treasure hunters”

  1. Uh, the game is pretty easy. Fantage has instructions if you click the question mark icon during a puzzle. If those don’t help, then you can just look up the answers to all the puzzles, anyway. Fairy Life and Fantagious Fantage (look them up!) both have guides that might help you. 😛

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